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An interview with the Ted Williams, the homeless man with the amazing voice

January 5th, 2011

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a video of a homeless man asking for money at a highway overpass. Nothing overly exciting, until he opened his mouth and an incredible broadcasting voice boomed out.

There were 303 views on the video at that time, and I was amazed that more people had not seen it. I checked back today, and was happy to see the video of the man with a dream had gone viral and had 5.3 million views in one day.

The man is Ted Williams of Columbus, Ohio and after pulling himself out of a life of drugs and alcohol he was looking to get his life back in order with a hope to work in radio or broadcasting. With the success of this YouTube Video, Williams’ face went everywhere and word now is that he’s been offered a job and a home. Awesome.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, I’ve included the video below and followed-up with a longer interview he gave to CBS that is touching. I’m so glad to see life is working out for Mr. Williams.

The YouTube video that made him famous:

A great interview he gave about what it feels like to become a star:

More than 700 billion YouTube videos viewed in last 12 months

December 23rd, 2010

YouTube screen grab

According to a post on YouTube’s corporate blog, more than 13 million hours of video have been uploaded to YouTube servers in the last 12 months, resulting in more than 700 billion views.

“We’re privileged to work with the most passionate and talented partners in the world, who produce and upload videos that inspire us, make us laugh and move us — and, most importantly, change the way we look at the world,” writes Tom Pickett, Director of Content Operations & Online Creators for YouTube.

When you break it down, more than 1.9 billion videos were watched each day and YouTube members uploaded more than 35,000 hours of video per day.

In addition to the growth in uploads and time spent watching videos, YouTube announced it now has 15,000 participants in its partner program that allows content creators to share in revenue generated from ads within videos.

To celebrate its growth over the last year, YouTube is giving 500 of its most successful partners $1,000 in credits to B&H Photo to buy new video production equipment. YouTube says the group of 500 partners collectively generated billions of video views this year.

If you’re curious about the Top 10 YouTube videos of all time, I’ve posted the on Digital Journal here.

Google talking with Hollywood about movie rental service on YouTube

August 30th, 2010

According to a report in the Financial Times (subscription required), Google is talking with Hollywood studios about launching a pay-per-view video service. The global move is said to happen by the end of this year.

Citing people familiar with the talks, the FT says the move would make Google a major player in market of streaming rental movies. Google is reportedly pitching “the international appeal of a streaming on-demand movie service” that is tied to YouTube and the world’s biggest search engine. Google believes a Hollywood-Google partnership could be highly successful.

No word yet on rental costs, but the FT says its sources say movie rentals will cost around $5 each.

Negotiations have been ongoing for months and if true, the move could make Google a powerful rival to Netflix and Apple’s iTunes (especially when one considers the potential when movie rentals are combined with Google TV).

YouTube announces ‘News Feed’ showcasing top citizen journalism

June 15th, 2010
To tap into the growing market of Web-savvy news junkies, YouTube has announced its testing a new feature called News Feed. The feature incorporates news videos from both citizen journalists and professional news outlets.

YouTube may be famous for quirky videos, but with 24 hours of video footage uploaded every minute to the site, there is also a lot of news being reported.

Working with the the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, YouTube announced it is creating a News Feed designed to help Web-goers find breaking news videos. In total, three journalism-school students and grads from Berkeley are working at YouTube for the summer on the project, the school announced.

In addition to finding and organizing video, YouTube will be working with media organizations to expand their presence online.

YouTube’s News Feed will focus on breaking news, highlighting the most recent videos, as well as videos that showcase impressive visuals and video content from citizen journalists. The News Feed can be found on YouTube’s CitizenTube where the company has collected and showcased news videos in the past.

CitizenTube showcases a lot of citizen journalism work, including not-so-friendly encounters with politicians, international protests and gorillas attempting escape from a zoo.

A few examples include one roving reporter who got a South Carolina congressman running for governor to admit his campaign commercial incorrectly states he is retired from the US Army (watch the video); a video of a bomb going off in a crowded rally in Nairobi, Kenya (watch it here); and activists who took to the streets of Tehran to mark the one-year anniversary of the Iranian election (the video is here).

Politicians will also find it important to remember everyone with a camera is a potential reporter, as the video below clearly demonstrates. In it, U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge, D-NC, aggressively grabs a student who approached him on a sidewalk to ask about his support for the Obama administration. He later apologized.

If you’re a citizen journliasts or freelancer, you can Tweet YouTube @citizentube to let them know you uploaded a video that may be of interest.