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Google’s Eric Schmidt sits down with Tina Fey

April 26th, 2011

Google's Eric Schmidt in an interview with actor Tina Fey

It wasn’t long ago that Google’s Marissa Mayer lead a great interview with Lady Gaga. While Google may not be the first place you’d go in order to watch an hour-long sit-down interview with a celebrity, it seems they’re getting good at it.

Today, I stumbled upon an interview from April 20th with Tina Fey. The interviewer? Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt.

Like Mayer, he’s good at interviewing and he does a good job relating to his subject. He’s no doubt lucky that Fey is like a snowball picking up momentum as she moves along, but Schmidt does a decent job joking and talking with her about everything from improv comedy to smartphones and tracking.

For your viewing pleasure: