PandoDaily’s Sarah Lacy on journalism and startups

April 11th, 2012 by Chris Hogg Leave a reply »

I’m a fan of Sarah Lacy and what she is building at PandoDaily. Funded by $2.5M, Lacy aims to cover the startup world and be the “site-of-record for the startup root-system and everything that springs up from it…”

She delivers great tech journalism and covers startups well, and PandoDaily’s original voice and analysis is refreshing.

I wanted to share a quick clip of Lacy’s interview with Howard Kurtz, where she and Howard discussed tech journalism, her business and the startup world.

One of the discussion points in this interview focuses on Randi Zuckerberg’s decision to co-produce a show called Silicon Valley, a “reality show” that will air on Bravo. The show claims it will be all about San Fran’s tech scene. If you have been following Lacy, you know she is not a fan. At all. And of course, Zuckerberg defends the show.

Lacy offers some great perspective on the state of tech journalism and how TV shows like this can undermine a real journalist’s job in flushing out the stories behind startups.

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