Digital Journal November ‘Power User’ list features top contributors in monthly crowdsourcing project

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Today my company issued a press release that provides more info on how our gamification project has been working out. Details below…

Digital Journal, a global digital media network, today published a comprehensive list of the 20 most active contributors for November. The Top 20 list is published each month to report how Digital Journalists, bloggers and citizen journalists interact in an online media network.

“Digital Journal’s gamification project is hands-down one of our most successful technologies we’ve developed to date,” said Chris Hogg, CEO, Digital Journal. “We know right down to a granular level how people consume and interact with our media network and it has provided us with a true wealth of information and data.”

In September, Digital Journal launched a massive gamification project that tracks and reports the activity of contributors across the media network. Recording actions such as quantity of articles published, frequency of visit and how engaged members are, Digital Journal rewards points and badges to individual contributors based on the amount of their activity. The members who stay the most active in the month are then rewarded with a “Power Users” badge.

“Our contributors and members are highly engaged with our media network,” said Hogg. “We’ve proven that by giving people recognition for hard work, and by highlighting details of how people engage in an open news ecosystem, everyone wins. Contributors are rewarded for being really active, and the entire media network benefits with a huge increase in activity.”

In addition to creating incentive for contributors to participate in the social news network, Digital Journal’s gamification project aims to showcase talent and create a level of transparency that gives a completely open look at how people interact with a news organization and how user-generated content is valuable in the wider news ecosystem.

In no particular order, Digital Journal’s November 2011 Power Users include:

Digital Journal compiles data on a monthly basis and resets the points at the beginning of each month when a new competition begins. More info on Digital Journal’s gamification project can be found on the company’s website here.

About Digital Journal:

Digital Journal is a global digital media network with 34,000+ professional and citizen journalists, bloggers, photographers and freelancers in 200 countries around the world. Regarded as a pioneer and leader in crowd-sourcing and user-generated content, Digital Journal leverages its custom-built content platform and global reach to produce news and media content at scale in an environment that is built from the ground-up to be digital-first and social by nature. Digital Journal also consults news organizations on how to empower their audience to acquire content, drive revenue and increase engagement from digital media properties. For more information, visit

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