Some advice for Larry Page as he takes over as Google CEO

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Larry Page, Co-Founder and CEO of GoogleEric Schmidt surprised the world yesterday’s when he announced he was stepping down as Google‘s CEO and Larry Page was taking over. The tech and Web worlds are left scratching their heads about possible reasons, and analysts and observers are figuring out what it means for the future of the company.

If you follow tech and Web news, you’re likely familiar with a lot of Google’s challenges. The company is losing engineers to Facebook; it’s being criticized for it’s social strategy; it’s having trouble explaining to investors why Android is good for its future when it doesn’t make any money from it; and people are starting to question its once-famous motto “Don’t be evil.”

There is no question Google is a massive success, and the company is positioned well going forward into the worlds of search, advertising and mobile. But there is also a long list of things it needs to do to get back its mojo.

Danny Sullivan, the editor-in-chief of the popular Search Engine Land blog, has published a To-Do list for new CEO Larry Page and it’s spot-on in many ways.

“Welcome back, Larry,” Sullivan writes. “When you were last CEO of Google in 2001, the company was a much loved scrappy underdog with a bright future. Ten years later, you’re coming back to the helm. Things have changed. You’re soon to be steering a massive battleship that’s taking on water from a number of hits over the years. Let’s talk damage control.”

The blog outlines all of Google’s current problems, be they real or perceived, and offers the company some sound and good advice.

Google has to convince regulators it’s not a monopoly; get it’s foot in the social door; explain its mobile strategy; finalize its operating system and get it moving; show it’s not evil and prove it’s the place to be for top talent; incubate good ideas like a start-up; and figure out a way to get garbage out of its search results.

“Make no mistake — Google is a rich company, in actual cash, in quality products and in talent,” Sullivan writes. “It faces challenges, as any company entering its “adult” years can be expected to have. The question is, how well will the leadership shuffling tackle those challenges.”

For a great read on Google’s challenges, check out Sullivan’s post here: A To Do List For Google’s New CEO Larry Page

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