An interview with the Ted Williams, the homeless man with the amazing voice

January 5th, 2011 by Chris Hogg Leave a reply »

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a video of a homeless man asking for money at a highway overpass. Nothing overly exciting, until he opened his mouth and an incredible broadcasting voice boomed out.

There were 303 views on the video at that time, and I was amazed that more people had not seen it. I checked back today, and was happy to see the video of the man with a dream had gone viral and had 5.3 million views in one day.

The man is Ted Williams of Columbus, Ohio and after pulling himself out of a life of drugs and alcohol he was looking to get his life back in order with a hope to work in radio or broadcasting. With the success of this YouTube Video, Williams’ face went everywhere and word now is that he’s been offered a job and a home. Awesome.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, I’ve included the video below and followed-up with a longer interview he gave to CBS that is touching. I’m so glad to see life is working out for Mr. Williams.

The YouTube video that made him famous:

A great interview he gave about what it feels like to become a star:

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