Google finally reveals AdSense revenue split

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Google has finally disclosed its revenue cut with publishers who use AdSense. In a blog post‘s VP of Product Management, Neal Mohan, writes:

In the spirit of greater transparency with AdSense publishers, we’re sharing the revenue shares for our two main AdSense products — AdSense for content and AdSense for search.

So what’s the split? For content publishers, it’s 68 percent rev share. That means Google pays 68 percent of the revenue it collects from advertisers to content publishers. For AdSense search, Google pays out 51 percent of ad revenue to search partners.

Google provides some detail on how they came to these numbers. For AdSense for content:

The remaining portion that we keep reflects Google’s costs for our continued investment in AdSense — including the development of new technologies, products and features that help maximize the earnings you generate from these ads. It also reflects the costs we incur in building products and features that enable our AdWords advertisers to serve ads on our AdSense partner sites. Since launching AdSense for content in 2003, this revenue share has never changed.

and for search:

As with AdSense for content, the proportion of revenue that we keep reflects our costs, including the significant expense, research and development involved in building and enhancing our core search and AdWords technologies. The AdSense for search revenue share has remained the same since 2005, when we increased it.

As media pundit Jeff Jarvis notes, Google is not revealing the rev split for YouTube, nor is it disclosing separate agreements it has with large publishers.

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