David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel look back on Jay Leno-bashing

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Anyone who followed the Conan O’Brien/Jay Leno fiasco would likely remember the night-after-night beatings Leno received from other late night talk show hosts.

For a lot of people, Leno was the bad guy who bullied O’Brien out of the Tonight Show, and Leno was punished for it incessantly by comics. Furthermore, local TV affiliates were outraged that Leno’s low ratings were hurting local news numbers.

So what’s happened since Leno left his 10 p.m. time slot and failed Jay Leno Show experiment? According to the AP, the 10 p.m. audience has increased by 45 percent. While Leno was averaging 5.15 million viewers a week, Law & Order, Parenthood, Law & Order: SVU, and The Marriage Ref have all been averaging 7.44 million viewers.

And now that Leno is back at the helm at the Tonight Show, other late night talk show hosts are back at it. Last night, David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel joined forces to reminisce of the days when they were poking fun at Leno.

Kimmel laughed when he recalled being asked to do 10 questions with Leno, saying he turned the tables and asked Leno 10 questions about stealing Conan’s show. Leno accused Kimmel of sucker-punching him for the stunt.

“I didn’t feel like I sucker-punched him,” Kimmel said to Letterman. “Until I looked it up in the dictionary and it turns out I did.”

For those who missed it, I’ve embedded the clip below:

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