Immersive Media releases 360-degree interactive video from Haiti

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Immersive Media Corp. has released 360-degree interactive video from within Haiti. Web users can use their mouse to access 360-degree, interactive, online video footage of the earthquake devastation.

The video is geo-coded so relief agencies, government and news organizations can see what is happening on the streets of Haiti.

The video is shot at 30 frames-per-second and has been optimized for low-bandwidth viewing. Web users can click and drag a computer mouse while viewing the video to change the angle, look left or right, and up and down. Cameras placed on top of vehicles in Haiti allow users to view 360 degrees. Furthermore, video can be paused and viewers can zoom in or out on specific content.

Every frame of the video is also geo-coded so planners and relief agencies can locate specific areas in need of relief, recovery or rebuilding.

According to a company press release, Immersive Media’s 360-degree interactive video is made in conjunction with IMTS, an organization that often works with military and special operations teams. IMTS has also shot 360-degree video in Iraq to help identify risks and threats, as well as monitor hostile environments.

“All of us at Immersive Media are terribly saddened by the events of Jan. 12 and want to do whatever we can to help improve the immediate and long-term situation in Haiti,” Myles McGovern, president and CEO of Immersive Media, said in a news release. “As previous natural disasters have shown, detailed imagery and assessments of the affected areas are critical to relief efforts and future planning. Since many of the first responders and government organizations are not on-site in Haiti, these 360-degree videos give them an unprecedented view of the devastation from the ground level.”

Samples video can be seen on here.

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